We take the time to educate, simplify and support our clients through all stages of their lives and bridge the gap between knowledge and security.

What we do

Life Insurance

 Learn about how you can protect yourself and your loved ones at various stages of life. We can tailor a program that fits your specific needs. 

Long Term Care

70% of people need extended care at some point in their lives.  Medical insurance doesn't usually cover help with activities of daily living. Protect your assets and maintain control over how and where you receive care.


For people turning or over 65, we can educate you on your health insurance options from Medicare Supplements to Medicare Advantage, simplify the different parts of Medicare and find a Part D prescription plan that will save you the most money. 


Protect your biggest asset: your ability to make a living. Continue to pay your mortgage, school loans and other living expenses while on disability. 

Travel Plans

When you travel out of the country, you might not have medical coverage in case of an emergency. View IMG's GloberHopper Senior Plan for people over 65 years old.

Our Team

Larry Moses



Larry founded Corporate Health Insurance Planners in 1974 and from its inception, he focused on group health insurance benefits along with Life, Long Term Care, Annuities and more. His business model focused on providing the best, most responsive service to his clients, staying on top of industry trends and products and becoming a trusted ally to his clients through all facets of their lives. 

In 2012, Larry sold Corporate Health Insurance Planners and started a new venture, Moses Insurance Advisors. With this company, Larry works with his individual clients by meeting their insurance and annuity needs. His 40+ years in the business make Larry an invaluable resource and his expertise and dedication to his clients allows them to be the beneficiaries of his unparalleled service and negotiation expertise. 

Jodi Moses


With  more than 10 years in the insurance business, as a communications consultant and an insurance advisor, Jodi is well versed in the world of health insurance. 

Currently, her expertise is in Medicare and Long Term Care and she has a special interest in the evolving world of Life Insurance. She's excited about the many hybrid options for people that can combine Life Insurance with Long Term Care or Annuities. Sometimes you can solve several "problems" with one solution. She's passionate about the process: educating her clients and  taking the time to work with them to find the specific products that fit their needs.

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